We have had reports of cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) and demanding that citizens pay money for fines or fees in cases involving relatives. These calls are not valid. New Mexico Courts will never call citizens to ask for payments of any kind.

Organ Mountains

Third Judicial District Court


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Third Judicial District Court

The major functional/organizational units of the Court are:

Judges and Quasi Judicial Officers

  • Judicial Divisions I through VIII
  • Child Support Hearing Officer
  • Domestic Violence Special Commissioner


  • Administrative Authority (Chief Judge)
  • Court Executive Officer
  • Court Law Office (Supervising Attorney)
  • Finance Office (Chief Financial Officer)
    • Human Resources (HR Administrator, Senior)
  • Information Technology (IT)

Office of the Court Clerk:  

  • Criminal/Juvenile
  • Domestic Relations/Civil/Probate/Sequestered 
    • Water Adjudication

Jury Office

Office of the Court Reporter

  • Court Reporters & Monitors
  • Bailiffs