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Juvenile Drug Court

Welcome to Juvenile Drug Court

Program Description

Our structure begins with a juvenile being placed on probation, being referred to the Juvenile Probation Office, and when sentenced, being referred to the Juvenile Drug Court Program.

The Juvenile Drug Court Program is an alternative sentencing program for juvenile offenders who have drug-related offenses.  Staff involved in this program work toward reducing recidivism and substance abuse among non-violent participants in the program and assist in providing them with problem solving skills, independent living skills, and opportunities for obtaining a better education and gaining employment. 

This program involves continuous, intense, court supervised treatment with mandatory drug testing, surveillance and Juvenile Probation Officer supervision, and a review of the participant’s progress and compliance with the Drug Court program.  Twice a month, a Judge reviews the progress of the participant in the program and discusses this with the participant and their parents.  Appropriate and meaningful incentives or sanctions are then used as part of the habilitation process.

Parents have the opportunity, through Parenting Classes, to talk with a counselor and other parents to gain information on how to cope with and address the substance abuse by their child.  Prevention information is provided to the family, in an effort to inform and possibly sway siblings from following the same course of action and consequence.


Primary Goals:

  • Promote public safety while protecting the participant’s legal due process rights.
  • Restore the participants to dignity, sober, healthy, productive living.
  • Transform hearts, reform minds, renew spirits.
  • Reduce substance abuse and delinquent activity among participants by breaking the cycle of drugs and crime.
  • Teach the participants responsibility and accountability for their acts & words by building and developing principle-centered choice making.
  • Improve the participant’s school performance and attendance.

Secondary Goals:

  • Reduce parent’s substance abuse.
  • Address the entire family’s social and economic needs by identifying the needs and strengths of the juvenile and their parents, and then meeting their needs with the appropriate services.

Advantages of Juvenile Drug Courts in Our Jurisdictions

  • Safer and healthier communities;
  • Sobriety and dignity for our youth;
  • Stability for our youth in their daily lives so they can focus on education, vocational training, cultural competency, and their medical/mental health and well-being;
  • Increased parental involvement;
  • Involvement and teamwork with community agencies, Ex.  Law Enforcement, Non-profit Agencies, Public Schools

Juvenile Drug Courts also strive to provide:

  • Assistance with bringing in drug-free babies into our society;
  • Close monitoring and supervision of all positive and negative behaviors;
  • Immediate and meaningful rewards or sanctions

Treatment Provider

As of July 2016, the contracted treatment provider for the JDC is Esperanza Guidance Services Inc. (EGSI). EGSI is located at 1401 Don Roser E-3, Las Cruces, NM  88011. The main telephone number is 575-343-5810.  Mrs. Rachel Villalobos-Madewell is the Executive Director.

Date of Program Inception

December 1997


The Honorable Chief Judge James T. Martin

Phone: 575-523-8292

Contact Information


201 W. Picacho
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Interim Programs Manager

Sylvia Herrera

Phone: 575-528-8392

Surveillance Officer Lead worker

Ruben Sanchez

Phone: 575-523-8298

Administrative Assistant

Edwina D. Tapia

Phone: 575-528-8394

Fax: 575-528-8398

Juvenile Probation Office

750-A N. Motel Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Phone: 575-524-6360