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Office of the Court Reporter

Welcome to the Office of the Court Reporter

Highly accurate records and transcripts of court proceedings are critical to the administration of justice.  At the Third Judicial District, some hearings are recorded stenographically by court reporters, and some hearings are digitally recorded by court monitors.  Both types of record are made under strict guidelines promulgated by the Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings, a board appointed by the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Court Reporters:

  • use a stenograph machine to accurately record all civil proceedings and all jury trials.
  • prepare a certified transcript upon request of a party, attorney, or the Court.
  • prepare and file transcripts for appeals to the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.
  • file with the clerk all exhibits admitted in a trial or hearing.
  • maintain related records and reports as required by the Board.

Court Monitors:

  • digitally record domestic and children’s court hearings and certain criminal hearings prior to jury trial.
  • prepare a log in conjunction with each digital recording.
  • file with the clerk all logs and recordings and also exhibits admitted during a hearing
  • maintain related records and reports as required by the Court.

Court Bailiffs:

  • assist the public by providing direction to the various courtrooms and offices in the courthouse.
  • assist jurors during jury selection and trial by providing refreshments, acting as a liaison between the jury and the Court, and by protecting the jurors from outside influences for the duration of the trial.
  • assist the Court by keeping track of files during trailing dockets, filing pleadings, and obtaining files from the clerk’s office when necessary.