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Civic Duty / Length of Service / Failure to Appear

Civic Duty

You have been summoned to render an important service as a juror. As a juror, you will serve as an officer of the court, along with lawyers and the judges.

Trial by jury has long been one of the cornerstones of judicial administration. The right has survived through the centuries as a vigorous and necessary force in the lives of free men and women.

Your decisions as a juror affect the property rights and even the life and liberty of those whose cases come before you. Those chosen for jury service should take pride in performing this most important duty to their country and to their fellow men and women.

The proper and efficient functioning of the jury system requires that each juror exercise intelligence, integrity, sound judgment and complete impartiality in the performance of his/her duty.

When you give to the performance of jury service the best combined efforts of your mind, heart and conscience, you will feel that you are making a substantial contribution to the stability and perpetuation of an institution which must be preserved if freedom under a democratic government is to endure.

Length of Service

A person is not required to remain a member of a jury panel for longer than six (6) months. 

Failure to Appear

Willful failure to appear as a juror is a criminal offense. Jurors failing to appear for a scheduled jury trial place unnecessary burdens upon the entire system. The first time a juror fails to appear, written notification shall be mailed to the juror. If a juror fails to appear a second time, a Contempt Order shall be issued for the juror to appear before a judge and explain their absence.