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Third Judicial District Court


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Jurors are representatives of the court and should dress comfortably and conservatively in order to avoid distracting others by their attire.

Jeans are acceptable. Shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, bare midriffs, hats, sunglasses, and cutoffs are not considered appropriate attire for a courtroom.

Men are not required to wear coats and ties. We ask that police officers, firefighters, and other civil servants or law-enforcement officials refrain from reporting for jury duty in uniform.  

Due to the variable temperature in the courtroom, it is recommended that you dress in layers.

Items Not Allowed in Court

Cell phones, Pagers, tape recorders, cameras, food or drinks (including water bottles), knitting, needlepoint, scissors, knives, tools, guns, or reading materials will not be allowed in the courtrooms or jury rooms. Telephones will be provided by the bailiff for calls.