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Information Technology

The Court’s Information Technology (IT) operations are carried out by the Information Technology Specialist Senior in coordination with the Information Technology Specialist Senior from the AOC Judicial Information Division (JID) in Santa Fe who is assigned to work with the Court.

IT operations include:

  • Performing advanced technology analysis and support.
  • Installing and configuring new systems.
  • System maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Resolving computer networking, printing, software, and hardware problems.
  • Meeting with end users to analyze needs or problems and resolve issues.
  • Interpreting and applying knowledge from technical manuals and publications.
  • Taking a leadership role to resolve end users issues.
  • Developing software and hardware replacement schedules.
  • Mapping network drives.
  • Backing up and restoring data.
  • Recommending new practices, processes, systems and technologies.

IT is the primary point of contact for end users, vendors and technical support staff from other agencies, to resolve computer hardware, operating system, software application, server, and network related issues. The IT staff also plan, organize, and manage initiatives to integrate, upgrade, and replace computer hardware, operating systems and software applications.

The IT staff also work with the Adult, Juvenile, and Family Reunification Drug Court Programs, and the Mediation Program as their database administrators. IT staff are also the Court’s website administrators.

Contact Information

Court IT Specialist

Phone: 575-528-8393