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Cash Bond Refunds

If you personally posted a cash (bail) bond for a defendant, keep the receipt issued to you by the Clerk’s Office when the cash was received by the Court.

If the defendant appeared at all his hearings/trial and was sentenced, you are entitled to a refund of the bond money.

A cash bond will be refunded to the person who posted the bond after these steps are completed:

  • Documents resulting from Judgment/Sentencing, which exonerates the bail bond, have been filed in the Clerk’s Office.
  • A Motion to Release Bond and an Order Releasing Bond is prepared by the defendant’s attorney of record (either private attorney or public defender).  Both the defendant’s attorney and the District Attorney’s office must sign the Motion.  The Motion and Order are presented to the Judge for his/her signature. Once the Order is signed by the Judge, it is filed in the Clerk’s Office.  A copy of the Order and supporting documents is sent to the Finance Office.
  • Once the signed Order is received by the Finance Office, the Finance Bond Specialist will contact the person who posted the bond money in order to verify:
    • that he/she posted the bond funds
    • current address and identifying information
  • Once the Finance Office prepares the Bond Refund Check, the individual who posted the bond will be notified that the check is ready for pick-up.  Arrangements can be made to have the check mailed to any person who lives out of this area.
  • To pick up a bond refund check, you must present a current driver’s license or ID card.  See details on the right side of this page.

Directions to Finance Office

Enter at Main Courthouse Entrance.

Turn right and proceed down the main hallway to the elevator.  Take the elevator to the second floor.

After getting off the elevator, go down the hallway in front of you, take a right at the next hallway and go through the door to the Jury Office. At the window, ask a clerk to call the Finance Office.  A staff member will come to the locked door on the left to allow you in and escort you to Finance.

ID Needed to Pick Up a Check

Picture ID with name and address, such as a driver’s license, is preferred.

Any other form of ID is permissible if it gives your name and address as it appears on the refund check.