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Third Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Tercer Distrito Judicial

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Fee Policy of the Court

Unless waived by an order of the Court, a filing fee shall be collected in civil matters in the amount prescribed by law.

Filing fees, jury deposits or other fees collected by the Clerk cannot be refunded.

Fees can be paid to the Clerk by attorney business firm checks, cash, money order or certified check.  No personal checks shall be accepted.  (Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004).

No fees or costs shall be levied against a state, city, county, or nonprofit corporation authorized under the Educational Assistance Act. (NMSA 1978, 34-6-40 (B) (2001)).

No fees or costs shall be levied against any U. S. government agency. (28 C. F. R. 20.30, 38).  

Services required to be performed by district court clerks are without charge where the law prescribes no fee. (NMSA 1978, 34-6-43).

Fee Schedule

  • File a civil or children's case
    • $132.00
    • NMSA 1978, 34-6-40 (2001) NMSA 1978, 34-6-44, 34-6-45 (1994)
  • File a domestic relations case
    • $137.00
    • NMSA 1978, 34-6-40 (2001) NMSA 1978, 40-12-6
  • Appeal a criminal case from Magistrate Court
    • $35.00
    • NMSA 1978, 35-13-2 (1996)
  • Appeal a case from Municipal Court
    • $20.00 ​
  • 6 Person Civil jury trial
    • $150.00/day
  • 12 Person Civil jury trial
    • $300.00/day
    • Rule 1-038 NMRA 2004
  • Certification
    • $1.50
    • Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004
  • Exemplification
    • $4.50
    • Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004
  • Photo copy/Color copy
    • $.35 per page/$1.00 per page
    • Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004
  • Copies from Microfilm/Microfiche
    • $.35 per page plus $5.00 processing fee
  • Tape or CD duplication
    • $4.00 per tape or CD
  • Record search
    • $1.50 per name - $5.00 prior to 1986
  • Taking an Acknowledgement
    • ​​​$1.50 per person/seal, $.75 each additional person/seal
    • Rule 1-099 NMRA 2004
  • Computer Generated Document
    • $1.00 per page


Methods of Payment

Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.

Acceptable forms of payment are:  Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check.  Make money orders and checks payable to Third Judicial District Court.

Attorneys may pay fees by official business firm checks.

Refund Policy

Pursuant to Local Rule 13-601, jury and case filing fees are non-refundable in whole or in part.  This no refund policy is strictly enforced in the Third Judical District Court.  Fees must be paid when the action is filed and will not be refunded for any reason including dismissal, mistake or error, once the payment has been received.